Help & Support

Below you'll find a several resources that will help getting started.

Online documentation

See the official documentation at

Can't find the answer you need in the documentation? Ask someone! Get answers from other GNU/Linux users.

Internet Relay Chat

Internet Relay Chat. A live chat area of the Internet in which real-time conversations among two or more people take place via special software.

The following is a list of channels on the Freenode IRC network that you can connect to with your instant messaging client (i.e: pidgin, x-chat, etc):

  • #linux-pt (Portuguese Community Support)

IRC is the fastest way to get help, because you can converse "live" with other users about your problem.

Mailing Lists

A discussion group that occurs via mass email distributions. Mailing lists are usually maintained by individuals utilizing list server software.

For general support, join the members mailing list or review all the available mailing lists at

The following is a list of mailing lists on that you can interact with your e-mail client (i.e: evolution, thunderbird, etc):

  • ajuda (Portuguese Community General Help)
  • members (Portuguese Community Members)
  • moderators (Portuguese Community Moderators)

Commercial Support

GNU/Linux users around the world tell us that support and administration expertise are critical in ensuring the success of their GNU/Linux deployments.

In addition to community support, partners and several companies behind GNU/Linux distribution, offers enterprise-class support services teams to support your home, corporate, government and education installations.

For more information about commercial support, contact us.

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