Love this

I miss the days when computers came with detailed electronics schematics and specifications. I mean really detailed. This is the equations of a PAL chip in the Amiga 1000.

Got into a random Padel game with random people. "Hey Celso!" "Hey, did we play together before?" "No, I just know you from Codebits." Codebits was the ultimate social network.

You wake up from a prolonged coma, and everyone on earth is dead. The only thing that works on the Internet is ChatGPT. What would you ask it?

We just launched a URL Scanner 100% using Workers and Cloudflare APIs. Yet another example of how versatile and powerful our stack is today and how we increasingly build our own services on top of it. Take a look radar.cloudflare.com/scan

Whenever I say challenge accepted on some specific domain I don't fully understand.

Yeah so the recapped 1084S is working fine… except… it has no sound. Sigh.

What about that time when standing desks were the best thing ever and everyone was getting one?

If you follow (even if loosely) the APNIC blog, you've surely came across Geoff Huston's articles. ✍️


I strongly recommend this episode from APNIC's PING podcast where Geoff explains BGP RPKI, and ends up almost making the case *against* it (and IPv6 too).

Given he usually covers both topics in a very positive way, I found it awesome how this time he makes you look at these problems from another angle.


Seriously Google, Fluminense? I'm in the other Portugal, the one near Spain.

Not for everyone, but the seasonal “Arroz de Lampreia” around this time of the year is quite the treat for me. If you don’t know what Lamprey is, then by all that’s sacred don’t Google it! If you do Google it though, then also look for how they inspired Frank Herbert’s Dune sandworms.